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  1. Is anyone using the "Pyrapoint System" developed by Don E. Hall?

    Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line of MM's and Gann packages?

    Here are some links to pyrapoint.

    I have heard claims of 17 to 20 ES points daily easily, on one contract with very active trading.

  2. Extremely good program . As far as so called hype goes, some people here should use the software before criticizing it (or any else for that matter). I can say I've used just about every piece of software on the planet ( trial version of course) including MM and this is by far the best. But you will have to buy the book or find someone to show you how to use it (there are some people here that know it for practical trading purposes) otherwise you will probably just stare at the pretty lines like I did when I first got it.
  3. 7's! I'm surprised at you!

  4. Surprised? How come?
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    Because it looks like you are going soft, you pussy:)
  6. Yes, I am being of my New Year's resolutions.
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    Jeeeez what is all that on those charts?? What's the basis for the strategy? Can someone sum it up in one small paragraph? :confused:

    ps Nice comprehensive set of links 777
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  9. Fair enuff. looked like more of the same hokum to me, tho....

    Actually, these 'systems' and the websites that promote them probably contain a fair amount of interesting information for a researcher investigating human behaviour....
  10. I had a scam artist trying to pimp me on Pyrapoint, just wanted to get other opinions....
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