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  1. gone.
  2. yep, congratulations with your censorship. How amazingly conveniently timed. I wonder who deleted it.
  3. Thanks, mais moi? I think it was God. I'm going to go to youtube and dub some audio over some eurocopter vids.
  4. But no atticus, not pwned. Not pwned at all. Not at that time to anyone, not ever to that person. What deleted that thread was some ship sinking so hard, so fast, so violently, that it took down entire posts, entire threads down with it... in an effort to censor its own sinkage.
  5. Thank God! We can't have sinkage!
  6. This whole entire forum is incredibly disturbing, along with all the bucket shops supporting it that clearly want this type of behavior on it. I'll leave it at that and leave with a wide smile on my face. You're stuck on here atticus, have fun with your depressing job.
  7. euclid


    One man's censorship is another man's garbage disposal.
  8. Oh please don't tire me, use some logic.
  9. Baron, wtf is my check?

    Curiosity, FWIW your friend is completely false. I know you're invested in not believing it, but I only posted a portion of the info. He contradicted himself many times w.r.t. his unpaid debts yet making (in his words) 52MM in 3 months from an $800 starting balance.

    He's insane. So what does that make you as his acolyte?
  10. Congratulations, you can now use your old failed arguments even more. All because everything that disproves you has been deleted.

    The good thing though is everyone knows your lies. But now you can pretend like we don't now.

    Dumb ass crack whore.
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