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    Anyone here invested in this stock ?? It's a fairly volatile stock with around 35% of the float shorted. It actually did pretty good in August but largely underperformed SPY over the last few days - before crashing 7.45% today at 18month low. After I added some more shares and most dramatically while I took a small nap :eek:

    Found out a little late about SMA Solar AG profit warning in Germany, which should explain part of the drop.

    several profitable EURCHF trades helped quite a bit to ease the pain but still PWER is hurting.

    Any input on this stock ?
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    SMA Solar (ticker S92) diving further in Germany...
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    Am I the only one long PWER on this board ?

    below is a link to an interesting analysis

    Stock is up 30% from its low only a few days ago on high volume - but still down quite a bit since i've started buying it :eek: