PVH not cyclical

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ivano, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Ivano


    Dear traders,
    Please consider i am not expert, please follow where my analysis is wrong.

    With the opening of NYSE the title mentioned dived down a lot and half hour after went up in the same way after a micro shoulders head wave. This is common in my three months experience, what is really strange is that this title in these months always followed always closely the DJ and S&P as it is cyclical. I noticed that considering the high beta was common sense benchmarking with the peers as Ralph laurent, Oxford, VM corp that followed the same antyciclical trends.. I thought maybe is some optimism that stems from the Bernanke speech that makes the indices bullish, and the super nasdaq is due to same high tech news as the yahoo Ceo but why textile went down at the beginning is such way? . My hypotheses are two, first:some indiscretion on the raw materials in the textile group, as surging of commodities as the cotton, and second maybe there is some news in the textile market I cannot find