Puzzling over a “Little Big Bang”

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  1. In the final analysis, the formation of a black hole is the result of having sufficient energy density to warp the local hyperdimensional space-time matrix enough to produce a dimensional fissure (the affects of which we perceive as a hypergravity well).

    Ultra-high energy particle accelerators can produce extremely high energy particle interactions (with potentially informative and interesting results) especially if you're able to slam heavy ions together and/or intersect high energy matter and anti-matter particle beams, but the interaction won't produce the minimum energy density necessary to result in enough spatial warping to even produce a quantum singularity.
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  2. i think i did that one crazy friday night ... had one helluva hangover come morning:eek:
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  3. Rigel


    0.23 coverts Newtons of force to lbs of weight.
    Easier to understand for most of us.
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