Puzzle for language wizards

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  1. Can anyone make a sentence which makes sense and which has the word 'and' in it five times in a row ?

  2. The band hand stand ran dan dandy ...oh screw it
  3. With great sadness, the man watched his poor autistic "Rain Man" esq son stutter repetitively as he spoke.

    The boy said, "First we wawawawawent to the fair, and, and, then we wawawawawent to get some ice cream, and, and, and, and, and then we came home."
  4. Nice try optional, Hoever I can see you aren't a language wizard (as yet) so that answer is disqualified.


    Nice try Chaos but what about those letters in between ?

  5. Harrytrader and the other conspiracy theorists started a club on ET called [Harry and Company] Their pyramid like sign was bright neon but the words were crammed together when lit and unreadable. The neon require gaps from the Harrry and and and and and company.

  6. m22au


    The man asked his friend, "Could you do me a favor please? Could you please say the word 'and' five times in a row for me?"

    "Sure thing", his friend replied, "And and and and and".
  7. >>Sure thing", his friend replied, "And and and and and".<<

    M22AU, that does not qualify. And for your information your friend could have made it at least one more by saying : "And and and and and and is there anything more you want me to say ?

  8. Anyway, here is the solution.

    Well here is the solution :

    In the suburb where I live there is a pub called
    'The Pig and Whistle'.

    There was a fight there a few days ago and the front window got smashed.

    The publican had the glass replaced and then called the local signwriter in to paint the name of the pub on the window.

    I don't know what the signwriter was dreaming about whilst he was doing the job but he finished up writing 'ThePigandWhistle' on the window instead of 'The Pig and Whistle'.

    I was standing nearby waiting for a bus when I saw the publican come outside and overheard the subsequent conversation between the publican and the signwriter.

    What happened was that just as the signwriter was finished the publican came outside, looked at the window and said 'Harry, what the hell are you doing'. 'There should be a space between 'Pig' and and and and and Whistle'.

    Simple and elegant solution isn't it ?

  9. Bogus.
  10. Chaos, very clever. Congratulations for working it out.

    I only just noticed that you came up with the correct solution though your story isn't of course in the same literary league as mine :D

    Nevertheless, Baron has agreed to put up a prize and I have recommended you for that. It is a fire extinguisher, as we all feel that it looks as if you could do with one. :)

    Not only because of YOUR signature but also because of the fire
    between you and Harry. Just have a look at HIS signature in the post titled 'History ignorance of people: buying gold will never protect them' in the Chit Chat section.

    Once again congratulations

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