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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ronaldo, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. ronaldo


    does anybody know of anyplace that you can start without putting up capital? I'm at Worldco and am extremely dissatisfied. This place puts up every obstacle in the world for new traders.
  2. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    There's an old saying "You can't be your own man without your own money". Maybe this is one of those instances they refer to.
  3. MUChris


    Ronald, I'm with Worldco too, started a couple months ago. What do they do that you're dissatisfied with?

    maybe I'm just blind to the problems here, but for a place that lets most anyone walk in, trade THEIR money w/o putting up your own, and basically stays out of your hair and lets you trade, what do you expect??
  4. ETG (many many offices) www.etgtrade.com
    worldco (but I hear horror stories) from them

    Actually I hear that ETG is no 'heaven' either. I just know Kanter and I traded there soon after he started it in 1992.

    I am sure there are countless others...
    even in chicago for futures traders.

    They may not hire you and the 'deal' all these firms give varies by who you know and who you are.

    I suspect there are traders who could easily afford to plunk down 25 g's but they have money tied up in some business or RE
    and rather have these 'prop' forms to sweat the equity.
    If you trade lots of volume SAFELY - they will be sucking up to you kneecaps.
  5. ronaldo


    big beefs are 1) 1 nx for the whole firms meaning your fills suck quite badly sometimes 2) must buy bullets on minimum of 1000 shares - i dont trade 1000 shares yet and it makes me shy away from putting up bullets midday 3)bullets on the "good" stocks are always maxed out at 7:45 am

  6. I know worldco is not a exchange member so for nasdaq it (likely)uses a EDAT platform or MM but for listed what??? they likely scam you for an 1/8 or a teenie? Wow that's special......
    How does it work there?