Putting up capital to enter a firm

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Tuneman, Nov 28, 2006.

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    I'm 22 and I may have an opportunity to join one of these places where you use their methods, and work with their staff to trade. What does everyone think of these places? Even if the owner is a proven trader, something seems pretty fishy to me. They mentioned that I would need 15k to enter, but really, even if I made 20% returns, which would be good, how am I supposed to live off 3k?
  2. You use their capital, too.
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    Really? so these places can be reputable? Can you make money at them? Its looking like its my only way into the industry right now, I was really looking for a "trader assistant" position, get a salary, and then start trading my money once I was able to get some decent knowledge, and money together.
  4. Reputable? Not typically. Most traders are not profitable. I would take the salary position right now and learn to trade on your own while the money doesn't matter...
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    what if I know the traders in it have made some decent $$$.

    sorry to pry, I do get what you are saying, and it seems to make sense.
  6. If you can find a mentor who is making money and will train you, you'll have a better shot than most. I'm more of a proponent of going for it than most people on ET, but you have to be aware of the stats that most traders will never make it. But if you're willing to put in A LOT of hard work, you'll have a fighting chance...
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    Alot of these people are making a commish off you. They dont care if you lose your capital and get punted out the door.

    If you want to be a trader, go down to the pits and become a runner. Spend 2 yrs making nearly nothing, but look for a good mentor who wll enventually back you to trade.

    Do it before your married with kids.