Putting the pieces together... attention JHM! ;-)

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  1. In this thread I will try to put all the different pieces that I have in my mind about Jack Hershey's trading method SCT together.

    There are a lot of things I have (skim) read, never understood, thought I understood, gave up, etc.: PEP, B2B, Quickies, end effects, T2P, volume movement categories and a lot of other: WTF!!!! moments. ;-)

    Here I will try to find answers for most of my questions. I will start the process by doing some "work" in form of logging and annotating.

    Good luck!
  2. The current situation as I see it pre-open...

    1. A lateral was established last friday with bar 78. It consists of 4 bars in total.

    2. Bar 78 has peaking volume which I will use as P1

    3. When the market opens I will look for a T1.

    So far so good?
  3. This will be a "learning-while-doing" event. I still need to review several posts. I will just fill in what I know and hope to fill the blanks later as I go.
  4. Pure stress! Too many events happening at the same time. Unfamiliar log. Trying to recall information from memory. Deciding where which information goes, etc....
  5. Frenchfry, I think I can help you. But first you must accept a certain reality. Carl Jung said "All psychology is autobiography." Jung's student, Dr. Arthur Deco, adapted that dictum to trading: "All trading is autobiographical." So before I can help you, I must know, with your fries, do you take catsup, mustard or mayo?
  6. Ketchup should be fine.
  7. So do I, that makes us both heterocatsupals, which is propitious for trading success (my Eastern European wife uses mustard, and the French use mayo, and neither of them trade well). Now, are you charting ES in your application of JHM? Trust me, I am taking you somewhere useful with this, as well as guaranteeing that Jack will jump in and help you because he can not abide me giving SCT advice.
  8. Log will follow....
  9. Log...

    Lost in the volume sequence.
  10. :D You're a funny guy! :D Y(ES).
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