Putting names and pictures of wallstreet lobbyist online

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mahram, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what you guys think of putting up pictures and names of wallstreet lobbyiest online. I was wonder how many people would lobby for wallstreet if they knew people knew they lobbyied for them. After the Aig/fnm/fre debacle at the beginning of the year, i wouldnt want to be out there knowing everybody knowing that if something goes wrong with wallstreet again, you are to plan for it. There was a website out there outting wallstreet lobbiest. It would be cool to know who these people are.
  2. i think it would be cool for someone else to do, but i wouldnt

    you're going after people who are rich as hell and flush with even more lobbying cash, since walls street is flush with stolen money

    they could make your life a living hell with unjust lawsuits that could bankrupt you with legal bills, even if you prevailed

    you're dealing with very nasty people, who's motto is 'effectiveness, without morals'

    you want that for an enemy?
  3. Actually there is a website naming names

    Personally these guys know within the next 10 years there will be 100 percent chance of another financial crisis. if i were them, get out soon. And we were lucky there werent riots. Come on people were driving pass the houses of bankers. And if i were these powerful people, when the next crisis happens, take a private jet out of the states.

  4. sure, there was a lot of anger, but what happened in the end?

    trillion bucks stolen, bonusses bigger than ever and nobody got so much as one punch in the nose
  5. Mvic


    No one except Fuld, remember he got popped in he gym:)

    Trouble is that the American people are too lazy to find out for themselves what has been done to them and too easily appeased by the great orator. Unfortunately when they finally do get mad their anger will be directed in some of the most unproductive and damaging ways to the future of the economy and country and no doubt by design.
  6. Look, average Joe are only getting mad with their co-workers, their bosses, at worst, their spouses/children, that is why they will always be average Joe. And they think democracy/government works for them. LOL