Putting My System to the Ultimate Test

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    Tuesday | July 19, 2022
    In Syswizard’s Al Brooks Video thread, MKTrader makes the above comment—that Al Brooks and most all ET journals cherry pick and don't keep a running P&L of every single trade." Well, I'd like to attempt to join the few who have.

    Having finally developed my system to the fullest extent humanly possible (at least for this human), I've spent the past few months situating myself in a new environment that will allow me to trade without distractions. On Friday, I will be touring the office where I hope to finally set up shop. If everything goes as well as I hope, I should be able to begin trading full-time starting next week.

    Moreover, I have heard from at least one entity interested in what I am doing which shares my belief that it might be possible to judge whether a trading system could perhaps have some validity without necessarily insisting on a hundred, ten or even one year’s worth of back testing.

    So then, this journal will be a destination to which I can direct their organization/attention and possibly that of others. To paraphrase ET: "The purpose of this journal will be to keep myself publicly accountable by maintaining a daily journal of wins and losses."

    Live trades will primarily be transacted in the form of Nadex Knock-outs, an outfit which, in my opinion, has a convoluted accounting system. So, I will also be duplicating these positions via my Hugo’s Way MetaTrader4 demo platform, which not only generates a more commonsense record of wins and losses, but additionally has the capacity to create graphic displays of the same data so that performance can be evaluated visually and at a glance.

    It will be the printouts produced by the MetaTrader4 system that I will be posting here.
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  2. Good luck on your trading adventure of self-discovery. I hope you find whatever it is that you are looking for out there,
  3. "Live trades will primarily be transacted in the form of Nadex Knock-outs"

    oh yeah, many of us already mint money on those
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    Interesting...my impression is that most ET contributors who run across my Nadex threads seem to think its some kind of disreputable, illegitimate, fly-by-night operation.
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    Good for you--regardless of the outcome. Very few are bold enough to do this.
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    Spreads are too wide on purpose. That's the scam.
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    I think you're the only one I ever come across that trades on Nadex. Heard so many things wrong with it. Why do you trade on this? There are so many more exchanges/markets that are legit
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    The potential to take a minuscule account and grow it exponentially it into a sizable stockpile of wealth is how I view Nadex Knock-outs. I've been able to do it in demo mode (using Nadex Binary Options, which I consider much riskier) in a manner that nothing else I know of can match. Having finally fully developed all aspects of my system, it's time for me to see if I can do the same with my live account.
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  9. Do the spreads in demo and live behave identical? If not I'd stop right there.
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    Understanding the differences between demo vs live is a pre-requisite and a must.
    Not all demo environments are built the same and not one single demo is 100% identical to live. Some are more optimistic, some are more pessimistic.
    Also, the smaller the trading time frame is, the bigger the difference will be.

    But I guess the OP had done his due diligence before going live.....
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