Putting all of your faith into Supermontage?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by hmap1, Jul 17, 2002.

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    Now that we know a majority of ECN's are participating in Supermontage I have a question: What happens if the s*%t hits the fan and you want to GET OUT of a position. Based on the ECN's participation in SM, ISLD is the only ECN to use a "switch" to let the user participate or not. I don't know about you, but if I wanted to "get out" and SM was down or everyone was flocking to it, I would want the ability to choose my destination to not route through SM. Any thoughts?
  2. You could trade directly with an ECN,like INCA or ARCA.
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    Right, but I hear they are still participating, I guess I would just want the ability to switch that routing off with ANY ECN.
  4. I wonder what INCA will be like once their ISLD merger is complete.Anyone know if both books will be combined into one? I also wonder how ARCA's proactive feature will work once SM is here.
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    that's my answer as to whether or not I want to put my faith in SM. For many reasons, and even though it's not out yet, and as such i should not have any problems with it yet, how can we, the traders, trust a system built by the big boys? They don't like us, and the money we take from them. So they are changing the playground to suit (or so they think) they're needs.

    we'll see how it all plays out. i sincerely doubt that it will be beneficial to the average trader over the market makers.
  6. Whats the expected date for SM?
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    July 29th.
  8. July 29
  9. What will really change in the way we operate when SM goes live?
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    Super Montage release date is 1 week or so after the Aug 12 SEC vote on ADF. SEC must approve ADF for listed, before SM can roll out live. It has test securities symbols trading now.

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