Puts on the SPY

Discussion in 'Options' started by Shooter McGavin, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Hey ya'll, first post here in the options forum

    Will be Lookin' to put on a trade for Feb. 1, 150 SPY puts @ .45 (ish)

    Do not have it on yet, but that GDP number should (should) take us down a peg or two

    Unlike the NFLX trades, I'll be posting trades BEFORE hand (LOL)
    (That thread was good entertainment though)
  2. Moved up the chain a little

    Put on 150.50's @ .57
  3. Out @ .77

    Time to go $100's at strippers (lol)
  4. a 1 lot trade is irrelevant.

    If you were long 100 lot and closed out for a profit today, good job.

    But it really only matters if you closed and you made a profit.
  5. You're right should have included vol.

    Just a small trade, 100 contracts.

    But it pays a few bills.

    AMZN puts would have been better, Feb 1 275's 1.40 to $6 right now

    Got to fixed on the SPY's - my bad.
  6. wtf...a $2000 profit in an hour isn't bad lol I would hope that pays quite a few bills.
  7. Oh, not complaining. Just wish I was big enough to put a few 00's on those contracts

    See some of those trades that go by for 5000, 7500, - DAMN

    But, learned those usually mean it's going in the oppsite direction (put/call