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Discussion in 'Options' started by helphelp, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Danshirley, did you notice that your thread of "Unethical Behavior on This Board", was removed from the home page of ET???
    Talk about unethical behavior,....using that ridiculous title was more than just unethical.
    It's almost as unethical as you posting pictures of buildings of public traded companies without any names on them, and stating that those "nameless" buildings are the buildings of those stock companies.
    Did you speak with an attorney before you posted those nameless building pictures, on your CONSERVATIVE OPTION TRADES thread?
    Not a very "ethical" thing to do if you ask me.
    What proof is there, that the nameless pictures of those businesses, are in fact the buildings belonging to those companies.
    Posting nameless buildings that "YOU" say belong to those companies..... YIKES!
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  3. Dan, that link is to all the threads that were removed from the various home page of ET. Clearly the moderator felt it was inappropriate for the option forum homepage.
    Your thread is now at the top, and it will remain there, until another thread gets removed from another of the many forums at ET. Congratulations for becoming the most recent of all the UNETHICAL loser posters at ET.
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  5. Dan, you seem to be a bit upset, over getting spanked by the moderator.
    Given that your thread was removed from the option board forum, perhaps you should consider removing all those namelsss building pictures from your other thread, that YOU and only YOU say belong to those companies.
    Wouldn't want to see you getting spanked again.
    Now can we please go back to discussing options on this option forum?
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  6. Joe


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