Putin has large majority of Russians WANTING him, can you say the same for Bush/Obama

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  1. I don't expect too much critical thinking displayed on internet message board but lets try and talk reality

    Putin brought back Russia from dark ages of Yeltsin, he did it by brute force of bullets to the back of the head.

    Those in government who didn't step down, he killed KGB style.

    Yeltsin government bankrupted Russia, CIA was running the oligarchs with impunity, resources were stolen and sold for cheap to the west. America and NATO were planning worse and worse scenario for Russia and Russian people.

    Putin is a Hero to vast majority, and western media can demonize him all they want.

    He is good for Russia and their people. Can you say the same about US presidents.

    Lets get this straight, western powers are angry that Putin is making it hard for them to destroy and pillage Russia. LOL

    Give me a break. Putin will never allow private central banks to print money for Russia either, another reason to hate him.

    You would all be lucky to have an American version of Putin.
  2. actually you do have an American version of Putin.

    his name is Ron Paul but majority of Americans think he is koo koo

    eheheh serves you right the kind of future you'll get with cookie cutter democrats and republicans
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Hi, c-kid.

    The majority of Russians want Putin because most of them have never tasted true freedom.
  4. Lucrum


    I think Freud would say you have man love for Putin.
  5. what kind of a stupid argument is that, I happen to be married to a beautiful woman

    just little FYI
  6. I am not C grade, my grades in engineering school were all As and Bs

    As for your argument.

    Lets say that's true, it's still better than what they had. And will keep getting better and better with few more years of Putin
  7. Putin or Pukin,but we have disorder in all directions here in Russia.The only things that work somehow could be an army and police maybe,though both corrupted as hell.Everything else is largely fucked!!!I mean EVERYTHING!

    US is still the great,but you need to stop whining as fucking pussies!
  8. it is interesting that the Russians are generally well educated but also appear to be very dumb given their support of Putin. the most likely explanation is the powerful propaganda machine in Russia.
  9. So according to you Russians should be voting for CIA backed Oligarchs that will screw their lives even more.

    As for propaganda, the biggest and most sophisticated propaganda is CNN, FOX, BBC etc.
    How else do you explain current economic and political aristocracy in US
  10. Come to US, Detroit and food stamps await you

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