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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by soler, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. soler


    its long & kind of confusing...

    I use (metastock) MS eod v 6.52 for charts. its located in my d drive.
    recently I installed MS pro v 7.2 & put into my e drive.

    when I post a chart, I use hypersnap & create a gif. to be emailed out....this works just fine.

    heres the problem;

    now, with MS pro I'm not saving pictures as gifs but rather trying to save pictures (under the save as button) as mwc. files to be sent out over the internet.

    when I send them thru any email provider, I cant open the new 7.2 version attachements. they keep defaulting to the old 6.52 version.

    I'm getting a message that reads like this; the file you are attempting to load was generated by a newer version of metastock. you will not be able to load the file with this version.

    I am NOT trying to use that old version. how do I overcome this problem?

  2. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    In Outlook right click on the attachment and save it to your hard drive (any drive as long as you know where it is). Then go to that file in explorer and right click (instead of doubleclicking) then go to open with... you then will get the option to choose which program you want to use to open it with.

    Or you could just uninstall the old version.
  3. gnome


    There are several "fixes" from v6.52 to Pro v7.2. Why would you even want to continue using EOD v6.52? Uninstalling it would solve your problem, yes? :D