Put Your Money On The Giants...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Arnie Guitar, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. So I'm watching the news tonight (while eating a homemade chicken pot pie that wasn't very good), and they said the Packers were practicing indoors and the Giants were practicing outdoors... :? They showed video of the Pack practicing in shorts and t-shirts in the Hudson Center, their indoor practice facility today.


    Everybody and their brother knows they're calling for super cold weather for the game. ESPN2 even had Dan Reeves and Jerry Kramer on the other day reminiscing about the famous "Ice Bowl" (-13F) between the Cowboys and the Pack.

    Looks like the Giants will be ready for the cold...I hope the Pack practice outside at least a little to get ready for the cold...

    As a lifelong Wisconsinite and Packer fan, I'm a little pissed...and worried.

    My prediction, Chargers vs Giants in the big show on Feb 3rd.

    You heard it here first. :(
  2. you couldn't be more wrong :D The Giants are playing way over their heads. The Pats an irrepressible juggernaut.

    GB vs NE

    A gtreat matchup withGreen Bay prevailing!

  3. LOL....no NFC team has a chance against the AFC.

    Green Bay-Giants-Seahawks-Buccaneers-Cowboys-Redskins....

    What a joke.

    Non of them would have even made the playoffs if they were in the AFC.

    The NFC right now is like the Big Ten in college sports.....overmatched outside of their own conference.
  4. I agree with everything until that last comment. :D

    The AFC is brutally tough.
  5. Agreed!!!
  6. I told 'ja...

  7. Good call Arnie,, take the G Men to cover. Why the hell didn't Green Bays coach call timeout to ice that winning field goal!!!??? Coach needs to be ground into bratwurst.

    Rennick out:cool:
  9. giants won in OT as a result of an interception.. you takin credit for this :p you anticipated THIS haha