Put together 12 Monitor System but need help managing them

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    I have put together 12 monitor system & everything seems to be working fine except I need help detecting & identifying & managing 12 monitors & get them to do what I built it for.

    I am running windows-7 ( 64 bit ) & other specs are as follows.

    It is a Dell Workstation T -7500 which I upgraded with ATI FirePro 2460 graphics cards.

    Intel Xeon E5645 @ 2.4 GHz

    3 ATI FirePro 2460 Video cards each with 4 output ports.


    12 Identical Dell ( U2412M ) 24 inch monitors ( 1920X1200 )

    Here is what I have now & what I would like it to do.

    I have arranged 12 monitors in two rows of six each.

    Windows-7 identifies 12 monitors but labels only 10 monitors with numbers 1 to 10 & shows two monitors without numbers in display property.

    They are given random 12 numbers in each row & I can’t rearrange them starting with number one in Bottom right corner & number 12 in Top right corner. I tried rearranging in display property but it won't work.

    I am having trouble locating mouse in each monitor. I would like to point the mouse cursor in any monitor at will which I can’t do now.

    I would like to detach & drag 12 windows from main application to the desired monitor.

    I am willing to Buy any special multi monitor software if you guys know that can do the job.

    Thanks much in advance.
  2. Sounds awesome. Post some pics when you get it all set up please.
  3. No, don't. Doing so, they are going to chastise you with "what is your P/L figure", or "you will have difficulties paying your electricity bill" non-sense.
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    I have been running 12 monitors on three Matrox quad cards using the matrox supplied drivers for the cards. I have been using this setup for about 12 years and it has worked flawlessly. Monitor 5 is stretched horizontally across two monitors and Monitor 9 is also stretched across two monitors. Windows settings sees monitors 5 and 9 as two very wide screen monitors. I guess Microsoft is still living in the stone age. Your ATI card drivers should support you doing the same trick used by Matrox to work around the Microsoft 10 monitor limitation if that windows limitation still exist. If all of the Linux distros would combine their efforts to have only one supper supported Linux operating system the world would be better off without Microsoft.
  5. LOL...touche.
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    I also had a problem installing (12) 23" monitors on my system. So I opted to install only (10) and then went ahead and built a second system with (10) monitors. I also use matrox video cards. The actual workstations themselves are valued at less then $100 (including the video cards) but are extremely reliable.

    Tip: Get yourself a good wireless trackball like the Logitech M570. You can whip the mouse pointer from the first display to the last display very quickly. A good wireless keyboard also helps.

  7. Are you saying that you are running a combined 20 monitors across two $100 (each) systems? Why and what hardware configuration are you using? I have a hard time believing that a $100 CPU + 10x video outputs can do much more than display a desktop. Always willing to learn though.
  8. Also, to the OP, Windows 8 will be out shortly and there should be a patch that you can install on W7 to edit the registry for max numbers of monitors.

    It's supposed to be simple - like bringing hyper terminal up from XP onto W7.
  9. TBA99


    Yes, $100.00 per system.

    Used - $60.00
    Win XP
    P4 2.4 - 3.0 GHz Workstation (5) PCI Slots
    2 GB RAM
    500GB Hard Drive

    Used - $40.00
    (5) Matrox Video Cards

    These systems are used for strictly trade simulation (haven't graduated yet), no email, browsing, games, etc. Simply chart software and broker interface. Since the hardware parts are so cheap it is easy to have replacement workstations and spare parts on standby. If a component blows (ex. power supply, video card, motherboard, etc.) you swap out the old part and replace it. The hard drive can also be imaged to reduce downtime in case of failure.

    The current trading system is designed to trade (discretionary) 6 individual stocks (using 4 different full screen time frames) simultaneously. The system can also hedge these same 6 stocks in overbought or oversold conditions. I actually use 3 of these workstations and 24 monitors in the design. The main reason for using so many monitors is that the chart and account information remain in static display locations. No window flipping when trying to make a decision to buy or sell.
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