Put this poster and post on ignore - though, it IS ECONMIC!

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  1. I am quite sure many will put me on ignore on this one (if they haven't all ready)!!!! Get ready for the "One world government" I laugh about what I am about to post!!!! I ask the reader here of this post to REALLY, REALLY THINK ABOUT THE IMPLICATIONS of the following link AND the recent past of the US!!!!

    First - as many of you know - I generally post this sort of post with some sort of tune...put this tune on...and let it get to about 1:32...and read the following link...and then consider the stuff I mention after the link...


    Now that the music is playing - read this...


    Now consider how much of the world is moving toward some sort of world government...with one world currency?!?! It would appear that the "new world currency" will be based upon some sort of socialism for the world. How will Mercedes or Fiat or GM compete with Toyota or Honda...if the Japanese gov't is buying Toyota or Honda bonds....how can Mercedes and Toyota and Honda compete if GM and Chrysler exist only because of US bailouts...

    The US going for QE2...the Japanese propping their export economy and devaluing their currency...welcome to the race to the bottom...and oh, but, the race to the bottom will be welcomed...by the one world gov't and the book of Revelations entities...read Revelations 6 and Revelations 9...the riders are on their way...

  2. I prefer this version of the song.

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  3. Pretty funny! Weird Al does some great stuff!

  4. Candace


    Apologies in advance for quoting wiki, but...

    'On March 24, 2009, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the People's Bank of China, called for "creative reform of the existing international monetary system towards an international reserve currency," believing it would "significantly reduce the risks of a future crisis and enhance crisis management capability."[6] Zhou suggested that the IMF's Special Drawing Rights, a currency basket comprising dollars, euros, yen, and sterling and could serve as a super-sovereign reserve currency, not easily influenced by the policies of individual countries. US President Obama, however, rejected the suggestion stating that "the dollar is extraordinarily strong right now." '
  5. You Jehovah Witnesses are crazy.
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    The less I say, the less likely I will say something stupid, but perhaps it's worth the risk. What I meant by the above post was that it seems very possible that the USD will be replaced as the world's reserve currency by a basket of currencies. Once that basket is defined and accepted, countries may choose to peg to it.
  7. If we want stability why not peg our money to gold? Oh thats right...then we wouldnt be able to overspend and we would forced to be financially responsible. As long as the reserve currency is pegged to something that can be printed, we can manipulate it at a future date.
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    If it were decided that a "commodity currency" was the best solution, would a basket of "useful" commodities (oil/copper etc) not make more sense?

    From "The 1000 t AU Countries Club":http://apps1.gdr.nrcan.gc.ca/mirage/show_image_e.php

    South Africa 78,544.9
    United States 14,452.4
    Australia 13,853.3
    Canada 12,580.3
    Uzbekistan 7,409.5
    Russia 7,175.5
    Ghana 4,783.7

    Would we all want to move to South Africa if we returned to a gold standard?
  9. USD will be replaced as the world's reserve currency by a basket of currencies

    more like a Basket of "Commodites". A basket of fiat currency is just as bad a single fiat currency.

    However, the "NWO" is real but they are not "Dr. EVIL" sitting in a dome with mini me taking over the world.

    NWO is the Liberal/Socialist arrogance that they "Man" can control man better than "Natrual Law". Free markets based on the Laws of supply and demand, based on simple laws we see in all parts of nature are not good enough. NWO is OBAMA and the way his clowns think. It is the FED Reserve. It is IMF, UN, and the list goes on and on.

    So, while the nuts out there yell about NWO, the smart people understand it is deeper than the "Bilderberg" group or the "Black Helicopters".

    NWO is now 50% of the Ameircan population who voted for the Ideas of OBAMA.

    It is better to perpare than to react. Plenty of ways to make money if the NWO has its way.
  10. I am not a Jehovah's Witness. I am non-denominational - and observant of the world around me:D

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