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  1. Which is better???
    Being Long in a bull mkt or Short in a bear mkt?

    Which is worse???
    Being Short in a bull mkt or Long in a bear mkt?
  2. I have to say,

    I think the best is being long is a bull market. Everyone happy's your up, all the goofs on CNBC are full of glee. Good Times

    The worst is being short in a bull market, you really feel like a total douchbag cause against the opposite general bias
  3. Worst would have to be being long in a bear market. Shows
    you're a dumbass AND the economy is in the toilet. Everyone is in a bad mood and Jeff Macke yells constantly on Fast Money,
    literally just yells the entire time. It's amazing.
  4. no way if you are long is a bear mkt yes you are down, but everyone else is down too. Misery loves company. But if you are short is a bull mkt, you're down while everyone is happy and up $
  5. TRS


    Short in a bear. You are acquiring cash (liquidity) when there is a contraction. Opportunities.

    Long in a bear. As above, but different:). Also less chance to re-capitalise as a trader if you blow up.
  6. Agree to disagree, my friend. I still don't like listening to Macke scream over the Fast Money Five.
  7. i like macke
    he's funny
  8. Which is worse?
    Longing for a bull market or short tempered in a bear market?:cool:
  9. TRS


    Calm and a flat market
  10. The only thing that matters is being right which is rather uncommon in these parts.
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