Put Stock_Trad3r on ignore

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. If the troll is ignored, he will go away.
  2. dude, i did that like 5 months ago. life has been much sweeter ever since.
  3. NO shit.

    And here's to the prior posts userid's!:D
  4. Poor Stock_Trad3r's stalkers, still spending their days tracking Stock_Trad3r's posts and responding with insults. It seems like a full time job for certain ETers.
  5. How can you be stalked when you put yourself out there 50 or more times a day? I've had him on ignore for quite awhile, but when he gets quoted (some of his posts really need to be quoted) I get to see his cutting edge insights into 1) how good he is, and how stupid anyone is who disagrees. 2) the type 1 civilization and smartie society. 3) how we are done with cycles and its only up we go for decades (my personal favorite). I could go on, but my brain starts to hurt. I think it is quite evident, this putz has no money at stake, He is a paper investor at best. A truly sad lonely person is what he really is.
  6. just don't take him seriously. He is actually very funny!