Put plays for the start of 2006

Discussion in 'Options' started by master718, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. I remember TZOO was the best stock of 2004 but right at the start of 2005 it took a nose dive which lasted all year. Basically I believe people were waiting for the beginning of the next year to take profits. TZOO at 100 on Jan 2005 was way too expansive.

    I am looking to get some puts on stocks that people are waiting till next year to start unloading. These would have to be highly speculative stocks that had a huge run up during the 2005 year. My 2 picks so far are OSTK and GOOG. OSTK although not near its highs I feel can take a nice dive early next year. And GOOD investors who have pocketed a nice profit during the year might be waiting for next year to sell again for tax reasons. If anyone has any other stocks that might fit the category please post.
  2. Look at the stocks that are making 52-week highs in the Wall Street Journal or Investor's Daily stock tables. If you're interested in forecasting, I'm hoping that the downturn culmination of the 4-year cycle in the Fall is super-bearish. Bide your time until September & October!