Put options signaling crash Next month

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  1. smart money means inside information

    Much has been written about the sale of Put Options against American Airlines prior to 911. That, is chump change when compared with the amount of money made with S&P Index Options as a result of the market collapse that followed 911. Volume in Index Options actually doubled in the months leading up to 911 from the previous year.

    Now we have an even more dramatic scenario unfolding

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    He is on crack. Open interest in the spx options is NOT a few hundred ever. Th combos alone on delta neutral trades will be tens of thousands a day. Forget about the actual positioning.
  3. just to be clear
    are you saying there is NO higher than normal amount of put options positioned to make a killing like prior to 9/11 was the case
  4. Just to be clear, this guy is a fool:

    1. Open Interest (which indicates a desire to Buy or Sell Index Options) normally stands at a few hundred contracts on any expiration date. A Contract must be created in order for it to be considered an Open Interest.
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  9. I have to agree with opening poster... could happen; in fact I think we gap lower tomorrow. Precarious looking situations abound.

    However each time we sell off hard, somehow "they" manage to mark it higher. How the H do they manage that so many times.
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    The only thing missing from that website is the latest Bullz 'n' Bearz youtube video and a hyperlink to Mr. Market's website.
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