Put options are way better than shorting?

Discussion in 'Options' started by crgarcia, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Shorting exposes you to unlimited losses.
    With options your maximum loss is limited to the premium.

    Besides, with shorting you must get at the EXACT turning point.
    With puts you may buy a few puts every month, and if the first months you miss the turning point, no problem, your loss is limited and likely will be compensated by the profits the next months.
  2. ?......were you on the debate team at school? :confused:
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    Yup, you figured it out. Can't lose. Thanks for another brilliant analysis!
  4. does anyone else notice that this Garcia character shows up every few days and just spews anti-trader diarrhea all over these boards? Then disappears for like 4 days and then right back with more diarrhea.

  5. Wooooohooo, you've found a FREE LUNCH!!!!!

    Or have you, o mighty genius?
  6. I am new here, so will someone please explain to me what the point of this post was? lol
  7. this sounds like an IncreaseNow thread :D
  8. I am busy making money in the real world (gov't contractor).

    Trading provides additional, secondary income to me.
    I only trade when there are good long term opportunities.
    Often I wait for months between trades.
  9. Successful people do not spend all their time spewing venom about a field that they do not even partake in (meaning you and short term trading).

    I don't believe for one second you are successful in trading nor do I think you have a 'real world' job. Just a bunch of lies from Garcia.

  10. Been there and done that. You are better off putting your money into high quality, high div stocks--buying every time they dip. When you have accumulated 100 sh, then sell one LEAP and collect more income. This is basically how Buffet started. Put options are a poor, long term opportunity--like everyone here is trying to tell you. Feel fortunate that you have a job (if you have a job) and be smart. If you want to gamble, take up poker and hit the local casino. I did this years ago when I was in practice and it worked.
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