Pussycat Dolls

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  1. Do they look like hookers or what?

    <img src="http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/images/bigimages/pussycat_dolls_gr_big.jpg"
  2. does it matter? id still do them anyday :D
  3. You must like sloppy 1000'ths
  4. no just that if nicole wanted to sleep with me id wouldnt even think twice about it :p

    but thats a big if :(:(
  5. One of them looks like my wife.

    Ain't sayin which one.
  6. lol so i take it ur wife's an ex-stripper?:p
  7. I am pretty sure the third one is a guy.
  8. GGSAE


    Is it just the one that actually sings?
  9. Hey, please don't insult the hard-working hookers everywhere!

    The PCD... pretty much everything about the way they look, dress, act, move and sound is calculated, trashy, lower middle class, commercialized mediocrity raised to an art form. American Idol on steroids, x10 (or however many rotating cast "dolls" there are at any given time).

    Apparently, it works -- no musical, singing, dancing or any other ability necessary. Or even a pretty face, with very few exceptions. (IMO, 1 at most in the above pic.)
  10. Wow, you're right! I was thinking the same thing! :D
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