Puss boy Exposing Lies tried to threaten me

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Topper, Aug 23, 2009.

Should legal action be taken?

  1. Yes take legal action

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  2. No let the loser be

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  1. Topper


    Just for the record, I received a pm from poster "Exposing Lies". Something about a bullet being more expensive than me. Now as someone who was born and raised in Detroit, and proud of it, I've been threatened my share with lethal force so this puss of an attempt is actually kinda cute and a bit laughable. Any way, I'm posting a poll here to see if I should take legal action against this moron's written threat. So let me know folks what you think.

    And by the way Mr. Lies, the biggest pussies come out with guns because they think it makes them look tough but I have a message for you...

    You have no idea who you've threatened and if I were to ever come face to face with you and you had a gun, I would shove it so far up your ass you would taste the residue.
  2. c-kid/apac/exposing lies/ multiple-alias/ was exposed as (yet another) liar and fraud on ET. :D

    You challenged him fair-and-square to a trading challenge, and instead of taking you on with his 10k Interactive Brokers account, he ran away like a crybaby. :p

    You've already done the worst thing to him on ET that you could!! :eek: :) :cool:

    LOL too funny.
  3. You're just a wimp and a crybaby c-kid, and now everyone knows it. :D
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