Pushing stocks up with only one option

Discussion in 'Options' started by mahram, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I find that if I put in an order for 1 option, i could force market makers to buy into the stock. It will temporary move up 5-10 cents. Is this a product of the system being all mechanical, where computers to hedge their position sees a new retail order coming in, they will add to their inventory of long or short stock. Or is it pure conicidence.
  2. It could be a programming error and you might have discovered an exploit.
  3. I find this very difficult to credit.

    What name?
  4. Don't let them trick you. keep this edge to yourself.
  5. 100 share buy moving the stock 5 -10 cents.


    or are you saying they buy 5000 shares when you buy 1 option?

    powerful stuff you smoken

    i used to have 50 or so of these 'exploits' but now its down to only 25
  6. donnap


    Heck, I move the entire stock market with piker trades.

    Thurs. I had a put position that would do well sideways or down.

    The rest is history. Since the big boys in New York constantly monitor my positions, they frabricate news in collusion with the Federal Government and it's buy, buy buy. They just didn't want donnap to have a good Friday. Those bastards.