Push ups = improved bench press

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    Push ups are a much better exercise then the bench press. You can use weights (put them in a backpack and wear the backpack) to increase the intensity. I personally do weighted press ups on gymnastic rings.
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  2. That's one way to go. Another way, that doesn't require added weight, is to elevate the feet on a bench and do them very slowly, with a full range of motion, touching the upper chest lightly to the floor at the bottom of the movement and not resting for even a second with locked elbows at the top of the movement; fluid throughout. All the while observing the checklist I posted above. Depending on how slow I go, I can go to failure by about 20 reps, and I mean true failure. (Without a spotter!) Years ago, when I didn't have ready access to weights for a while, I used to do push-ups for reps. Many, many of them. But this is better.
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    This thread inspired me to try air squats. They are great! I have improvised the standard method by using a lightweight pair of 5lb dumbbells. When I extend my arms on the down movement, the dumbbells help to offset my weight so I can squat lower and keep my balance.

    These air squats are a very simple and no-frills exercise that have probably been overlooked by me and others who tend to focus on weights and machines instead of some basic bodyweight exercises that also have their place.
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