"push Michael Moore off a cliff"

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  2. Michael Moore is a lying sack of shit.

    Fuck that dbag.
  3. From the link:

    "We felt that this movie would have such an impact that it would really pave the way for legislation to be passed that could be very detrimental to the insurance industry. So it was very important for the insurers to attack this movie as fiercely as possible,” Wendell Potter said. “We developed a very, very sophisticated communications campaign to make sure that people saw him [Moore] as a Marxist, as a socialist, and that he was going to be destroying the American Dream.” This is Part 2 of our extensive interview with Wendell Potter.

    In other words, the insurance industry was terrified of the message and the truth of the message, so they focused on a smear campaign, a poison the well fallacy, and full on ad hominem to distract the sheeple from the ugly truth of the insurance industry.
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    It worked, clubber lang got the message thoroughly embedded.
  5. It is undeniable that logical fallacy works on the weak minded. It is the stock and trade of Limbaugh, Coulter, Fox News, Hannity, et. al.

    Even the left falls prey to these techniques...because they work on the lizard brain, not on the rational mind.

    The rational solution to health care cost was single payer system that would end the insurance company scamola...but American people seem to relate rational with socialism, etc. thanks to the propaganda machines funded by the lobby groups, etc. and the weakness of the dems when they had power to thumb their noses as the insurance lobby money to develop a single payer system.

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  7. For once in your life you are right. Single payer health care is the way to go: in which the consumer is the single payer for the services rendered .

    If you don't want to or cannot afford a variable and potentially large bill you can pool your resources with others to reduce your idiosyncratic risk. ( It's called buying insurance for those too daft to understand the role of insurance)
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    My sentiments exactly.
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    Sounds like a great argument for national health insurance. Would probably work a lot like auto insurance.
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    did you read the story?
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