Purple Jihad- Gay muslims for peace and the destruction of Israel? WTF?!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Apr 26, 2010.

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  2. byteme


    It's amusing that you thought for even a second that it was a genuine photo.

    Speaks volumes.
  3. And if they photoshopped this one then.....
  4. Nice false claims. Any proof that the photo isn't genuine? If not, your claims remain officially false.
  5. byteme


    You can't seriously believe that photo is real can you? :eek:

    Can't you see the humor in it? It's an obvious joke. The juxtaposition is meant to make you laugh. A sense of humor is obviously required.

    More to the point, can't you see the Photoshop in it?

    I can't imagine the amount of hate that must be in you for you to not see the obvious.
  6. You can't deliver any evidence of photoshop, so I'm full of hate? LOL! Nice logic! :D

  7. byteme


    If you were objective, you would likely see what is plain. It is a photoshopped photo. Just look at the colors and the text. The only reason I can think of that you can't see this is blind hate. If there is another reason why you can't see it is photoshopped, let me know. I apologize if I have wrongly accused you of being hateful. I'm not interested in getting into a typical ET flame war.

    Anyway, I can see you'll refuse to see what was obvious to me until I show you the original:


    I'm sure you'll agree the original isn't as funny. Though the guy holding the sign is equally a moron in both versions.
  8. Hey, what can I say, I'm not a photoshop detection expert. I don't know what to look for in terms of identifying which one is real or fake.

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