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  1. *Sunday Special Announcement*

    The road to becoming a professional trader is not easy. We're going
    to reward you for sticking with it! Some our users who have been with us awhile and have now
    graduated from http://www.PureTick.com and are trading on their own, have been asking for this!

    Would you like to access the PureTick trading room for f-r-e-e each
    month??? Simply send us a copy of two consecutive profitable monthly
    statements and qualify as an Alumni of PureTick! That would entitle
    you to get into our live trading room for free every single month.

    Even if you only turn a tiny profit, or break
    even your doing a great job and you will qualify to be an alumni and
    get a complimentary membership.

    If your a profitable trader and would like to share innovative
    trading ideas with other traders in the room, or listen to the
    live market commentary, the alumni program is a great idea for you.

    For more on how the alumni program works simply e-mail trading@puretick.com

    ## :NOTE: ## The trading room password has changed. Please login early and
    update your notes.

    Have a great evening and see you online Monday!

    Geoff aka CajunSniper / Co-Admin PureTick.com
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    great idea!:D
  3. Bankster


    i second that.. unfortunately im not quite there on my own
  4. Thanks. Every so often they pop up.


  5. Hello Nkhoi,

    We thought it would be a good idea because lately we have been getting people who have left the room---AND FOR A GOOD REASON!!!

    On one hand I hate to lose a client paying me 299.00 per month but when Geof and I started this business we knew that most traders fail in their attempts to become professional traders.

    I had to reluctantly change my goal to help 90% become successful to now a more realistic goal of 30% to become successful. That is still better than the 90% who fail on their own.

    So instead of accepting a "nice" email on how we helped someone quit his/her job and now trade for a living, and also accept that they really do not have to pay us $299.00 per month any more, we feel that being able to keep successful traders in the room will offer realistic encouragement to the newbies.

    It will also give us more people who can attest that professional trading methods can actually be learned.

    I may even take some of the maintenance fund to send a can of soup each week to stealthtraitor. Sort of like the children's relief fund where the guy is pictured with the little kid in Ecuador who lives in a garbage dump, and can really use our contribution of .18 cents per day. Hey Jimmy Jam, will you send me a monthly video showing how well you are doing?


    Alex L. Wasilewski
    Co-Founder & Head Trader
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
  6. He can't--he's the kid in the garbage dump. Lmao
  7. Howdy everybody. That's a real truth:cool:
  8. Oh you left and f off of my name. I am both outraged and hurt.

    Geoff / Cajun