PureTick Revisited

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Lorend, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Lorend


    I've read quite a bit on the site about the PureTick trading room, a lot of it negative posted 2007-2009 or thereabouts. Does anyone have any recent experience with them and has anyone gone to their one on one training?

    I am currently about the start the 2nd week of their trial.
  2. joe4422


    Be careful, you'll need to cancel your credit card because they won't cancel your trial. You will be charged the money, and you'll have a real hard time getting it back.

    In the week you've been there, how much money has the room lost? How many of the trades were impossible for anyone to get? How many lies have you spotted?
  3. Roark


    Better cancel that credit card.
  4. First time poster. I wonder if it is Alex? :eek:
  5. Be careful with the charges - they'll charge your card and claim you never cancelled.
  6. r-in


    Oh cripes, here we go again. I'll let you know the last time I posted about these butt clowns, "Alex" sent me threats and such. They are what most every scam out there is, and I guess if you think money can be made without any work then you deserve to lose all your money.
  7. One of my students has been a member of this site for the last 2 years or so and said they have about a 90% win rate, but they have lots of small 6 tick winners and then a blowout huge 100 tick loser that gives back all the profits and more. So overall its not a profitable system.

    Its logical for them to do this, as it gives the impression that they win most of the time and they can say they got 'unlucky' or whatever to justify the occasional big loser.

    Naturally a new trader might conclude that in time they can eliminate the big losers, but it does not seem to be happening..
  8. Corelio


    This type of system is called "Eat like a sparrow and shit like an elephant"
  9. spd


    What the hell kind of system needs a 25 handle stop!?
  10. Lorend


    I have been trading futures since 1987 and consider myself a prety knowledgeable trader. I took the 1st 3 trades called today using 1 contract and stopped at +36 ticks.

    Alex called another 3 trades, all of which were winners.

    Knowing the set ups is critical as he usually gives plenty of warning of an upcomming trade, either long or short. He actually called two limit order trades today, both of which worked.

    Last week, my 1st, I was prety skeptical as I felt that by the time the "buzzer" went off identifying the entry the price was already well on the way to the 1st target. I believe I was relying too much on waiting on the buzzer rather than being ready by watching for the set up and taking the trade when it triggers.

    I will post each day this week and let everyone know how it goes.
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