Puretick outperforms Harvard and Yale Endowments

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  1. Ivy League institutions Harvard and Yale have been battered by the financial crisis, losing a combined $18bn (£10bn) in their endowments in the last year.

    America's two richest universities warned of further cutbacks after seeing their endowments shrink by 30% due to problems with their hedge fund and private equity portfolios.

    Harvard's endowment dropped by $11bn to $26bn in the year to the end of June, a fall of 30%, according to the Harvard Management Company, which oversees the endowment. Excluding donations and distributions, the decline in investment performance amounted to 27.3%, the biggest in four decades. The losses have forced the 373-year-old university to lay off 275 staff and halt plans for a campus expansion across the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Yale's endowment fell by $7bn to $16bn over the period, a worse-than-expected drop of 30%.

    "We want to alert you to the fact that another round of reductions will be necessary," Yale's president, Richard Levin, wrote in a letter to the Yale community.

    This means that Yale will have an annual deficit of $150m from 2010-2011 to 2013-2014, he wrote. He said the school would cut non-salary expenses by another 5% this year, having already reduced staff and non-salary expenses by 7.5%.

    Extreme volatility

    Both Harvard and Yale invested heavily in hedge funds, private equity and timber in recent years. Last year many of their bets did not pay off and both universities lost far more than other colleges which focused on stocks and bonds, where endowments shrank by 18% on average, according to research and consulting firm Wilshire Associates.

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  2. Congratulations. Well done.
  3. Lucrum


    "Puretick outperforms Harvard and Yale Endowments"

    Puredick receives endowments?

    In any case this is about like bragging that you beat up your younger sister.
  4. Endowments = audited financials

    Puretick = hypotheticals

  5. 1) What have you done for the 372 years before 2008?
    2) Alumni from those schools, beware. :cool:
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    373 years old?

    Just think, their asset management team survived the tulip craze, south sea bubble, railroad bubbles, 1929 .......

    This one is no big deal :)
  7. I'm 403 years old myself
  8. Surprise


  9. Wow...
    how does someone get away with lying as often as you do Alex?

    How does a chat room with no official track record outperform ANYBODY?

    Money from endowments is coming under your management at Puretick?

    Does Puretick manage money??

    If so, can you prove that endowment funds are investing with you?

    If not, you are in gross violation of NFA Rule 2-29.

    I have forwarded the NFA a copy of this thread...
  10. its one thing to time the market well.......its another thing entirely to acquire a massive position and dispose of it without slamming your nose in the door.
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