Puretick or Trade the markets??

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  1. Both look like decent places to learn from. If anyone has any input
    that would be greatly appreciated.:(
  2. I like both of them though TTM look at a wider variety of products including the grains which they do very well. They also look at Dax and gold and some currencies.

    Alex at Pure tick is focused mainly on the YM and is a good place to start of you want to learn discipline and they dont try to sell you something every 5 minutes. The PT guys have their setups and try to encourage you to know when to trade and when to sit out.

    John Carters book from TTM is also good

  3. Alex knows what he's talking about. If you follow his guidance, you should make money. If you pick and choose w/o knowing what you are doing, you will not make money. Also, you should have at least 5k in risk money. Risk, as in, if you lost it all, it would not matter. If you do not have this, DO NOT trade anything.
  4. Thanks guys for the input. I do like the fact that TTM does go with the grains and other markets, but for now Ill try and stick to
    1 market and learn it inside and out.

    I also think I have a problem with information overload. I cant learn all markets at once, and that has been a ;problem for me in the past.

    If you have any more feedback please don't hesitate to PM me. I can use the help.

  5. One thing about TTM is, they are very expensive. Like the fact they charge $2500 for DVD's. and the seminars are up there also.

    I guess it costs alot to learn the right way. If this is the right way to go.:p
  6. Surdo


    Learning to trade profitably should not cost more than your time and a charting service, and maybe a few books. Anybody that pays $2500 for a DVD is foolish. Why not do a $10 trial of PureTick and find out for yourself?

    el surdo
  7. I would never pay that much for any dvd's. I will do the trial for both puretick and TTM.

    :D :p
  8. Dont waste your money, spend the time in front of the screens thats the only way to learn.

    Hand holding is not advised if your looking to do this for a living.

    Buy some books, learn technical analisys and watch the market tick by tick everyday, you will learn.
  9. ... and surf the web, there's actually a lot of really good information on these ET threads, try looking through some of the older stuff.


  10. Agreed. Unless someone has a dire need to have their hand held while having their wallet emptied, paid trading rooms are a waste of time. Between various forums that are available, books, websites, etc., anything and everything a person will ever need to trade is free for the taking. Of course, if one is too lazy to do the research and believes paying someone else to do their thinking for them is the fastest path to riches, they have already lost before they have even begun. It's the latter type of individuals these rooms feed off of.

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