Puretick or Anekdoten's Journal...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by badger79, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Upon discovering Elite Trader I found Anek's journal. I found it very informative and for the most part very well written. He always treated everyone respectfully assuming they treated him as such. I have put some of his techniques and ideas into live trading and have profited (sp?) thus far.

    I am currently a member in the Puretick trading room. In the months I have been with them I have shown a small profit, albeit a small one. I would say that the reason I am not up a greater amount is more due to a few lapses in discipline than bad trades called by Alex.

    I do have some problems with the buzzer. I also feel that there have been several occasions that trades that were put on and subsequently stopped out sometimes are almost ignored. For example...Alex would have added on or have a much larger stop than the newer trader who did get stopped out. It would seem very easy for Alex to just SAY "I'm selling at 42 with such and such profit target and such and such stop". Sometimes the buzzer goes off for a sell, with mkt trading at 44, the room members will sell and suddenly Alex will say "Let's look to sell at 58." If someone challenges the buzzer or asks where Alex got in the trade, he will mostly give an answer, but you may get bitched at about "knowing the set up or don't trade".

    Back to Anek. I ran across some old transcripts from when he was in the Puretick room and he apparently never had a loser. Had mythical entries...

    I couldn't believe this was the same Anek who had produced the journal. From those who have dealt with him, I'm curious to know your take...In his journal he's seemingly a pretty big trader...at Puretick, he freaking out about 2 or 3 YM contracts.

    Just looking for some thoughts from those who have had DIRECT EXPERIENCE with either Anek or Puretick.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.