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Discussion in 'Events' started by Spectra, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Afternoon,

    SPECIAL NOTE--We will be having an open house to the live trading room on
    Monday 7/2/2007. Anyone will be able to access the live trading
    room, hear the audio and see the trading alerts. *NO* credit card or payment is reuired. This will be a N0
    C0ST event. You do not additional software to access
    the room. Please register your email address if you wish to take
    advantage of this totally free preview:

    LINK: http://www.puretick.com/register.html

    If you'd like to see what we're about, stop by.

    Geoffrey Preston
    aka "Cajun Sniper"
    Trades That Work
    1-877-GOLONG1 (1-877-465-6641)
  2. whodat


    I registered twice yesterday and haven't received anything yet.
  3. They were sent out today. Please check your bulk folders as well. Thanks!

  4. Cool thanks! I really appreciate this offer!
  5. squall


    Teach yourself to trade or you'll never appreciate the info.
  6. NP. As you'll see tomorrow. We focus on teaching more so then trading. We may only have 3-5 calls in a day but you'll walk away with knowledge.
  7. squall


    No offense Spectra- just kinda like a parent that buys a car for their 16 year old...the car gets smoked in, trashed and probably wrecked...because the kid doesn't value the car...as he or she made no sacrifice to obtain it.

    Like standing on the shoulders of giants.....you don't have the responsibility that comes with obtaining the said information.....so you fuck it up.
  8. followup-Starting in half hour
  9. whodat


    I got a message that the room is at capacity. It would have been nice to have advance warning that there was a limit so I could have come early.
  10. Surdo


    Just turn on the Cartoon Network on TV!

    el surdo
    #10     Jul 2, 2007
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