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    I'm on a trial membership at www.puretick.com and am doing quite well. I'd like to hear from members who have been there more then a month. What do you think of the service?
  2. Ha I am going to be straight up here with No BS !!

    Been with Puretick about a week.
    I surprisingly found the Service to be very educational and very helpful. The Head Trader as well as the assistant Trader are sincere and the real thing.

    No scam here, IMHO !!
    There is no question if you follow the Buy and Sell signals you can make money over the long term. Just a matter of being patient.

    One thing about the Head Trader is that he really keeps you on the right side of the path during the day in Trading. If there are No viable signals to Trade he just tells you to stay out and use patience.

    This is probably unlike many other so called gurus who have you in and out of trades to keep your attention going.
    That is an easy way to the poor house.

    And its quite obvious that this is NOT some Service where the individual owners concentrate more on pulling revenue from the actual business subscriptions and less on trading. Once your around this Head trader it becomes plain as day that he can make large amounts of money with or without a Trading room. Probably much much more if he was just doing it on his own.

    Anyway, no affiliation here but just someone with a unbiased opinion

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    Been a member for about two months here. I can honestly say Alex and Cajun are the real deal. Thats pretty clear and obvious. I've been taken by services in the past and know what to look for. Is it the holy grail? no.. are there losing days.. most definitely.. find me a method with none and i'll high tail it over there.

    Don't let me convince anyone. Just take the $10 trial and report your own findings back.


  4. Also, their published track record looks impressive...I truly hope that it's completely legit, given the assumption of 6 contracts per position on YM...ie, I hope they didn't just cherry-pick their best trades and throw a few losers in the mix to make it look real. I doubt this is the case, but i've seen other advisories do it...or misleading variations thereof (ie, leaving out losing trades, etc).

    However, that being said, it's probably worth a look. I would also like to hear from people who've used them...
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    I am happy to bring puretick service to ET, it is win/win situation.:D
  6. ... back to Puretick, you say they trade 6 contracts per position?


    I've also read from their site that they strongly recommend a $5K performance bond per contract, so that's a total of $30G's to step up to the plate ... is this correct?

    The $300 monthly fee actually represents a "fee" of about 1% of the suggested performance bond.

    Thanks for the info.

  7. not recommended
  8. Thanks for the info.

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    Mini Dow contract's only require $2813/contract perf. bond X 6 = $16,878 according to CBOT.

    Maybe JuiceBox Boy28 can Flame us!
  10. Yes, I know what the CBOT's requirements are.

    I'm trying to get a better understanding of what Puretick recommends, from the traders who have taken their service and seem to be so pleased with it.

    No flaming or ciriticism here, just want to get a better understanding of the nuts-and-bolts of the service, since someone (not saying it was Puretick) has started yet another Puretick thread, I'd like to have some facts.
    Notice the careful wording above?

    I don't want to fight, I want facts.

    Good trading,

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