Puretick.com one big scam

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  1. To all the Puretick victims (not Alex Wannabeski, you are not the victim here):

    Don't you realize you can't even come close to the Track Record ?

    You keep trying, you give it another shot, I'm gonna be good, I'm gonna be perfect. By the time you realize this is an impossible task because Alex is a buffoon, it's already too late, you've been scammed by Puredick for several months.

    Don't you realize you got the blind leading the blind ?

    Once in a while a trade will make money and this will give you hope and that's when Alex will try to make you think that when you lose it's because you did something wrong and when you won it's because you did something right. That's the scheme.

    Bottomline, can you mimic half of what the track record posts ? Of course you cannot because it's all one big lie.


    It's not going to get any better.

    Who's gonna back them up one of their aliases, like Bankster ?

  2. That is exactly it, and by the time people realize it's a losing proposition, that is not them, that is the flawed instructor they have already deposited several hundred dollars into the thief's pockets and this is how he makes a living, from his room scheme.

  3. http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/searc...=2813715&sortby=lastpost&sortorder=descending

    How is it that the OP's mentor was PureTick's greatest student and disciple? Indirectly you must credit Alex with all you know today. After all, that's the origin where <b>neet the trading freak > anekdoten </b>was spawned.


    Honest to God, ET has not only jumped the shark, the shark bit ET in half. No one knows where the head & shoulders half is... the only thing left here is the bottom half. Are there even two serious traders that still bother tapping into this roadkill carcass of what used to be a trader's website forum?
  4. Are you one of Puretick's victims ?

    If not I was not addressing you.

  5. This has got to be one of the most convoluted and deceptive cancellation policies I've ever seen and the only way you find it is by pressing tiny, well hidden terms and conditions button.

    Look what one has to go through to make sure they aren't charged beyond the $29.00 trial period.

    It's no surprise people have complained publicly about PukeTick's "stealing."

    "Expired trial memberships automatically rebill upon expiration at the normal rate, unless a special referral code is entered. All memberships are on a month-to-month basis. Recurring billing is done on the day your trial expires then every succeeding month. Please let us know at least three days in advance if you wish to cancel your trading access. That is, if you join on the 5th you will be charged for 10 days and then your card will be billed on the 15th for the full amount for next month's service. The trial period is based on actual calendar days, not business days and starts as soon as you submit your application.

    Trial memberships are based on calendar days. Holidays, weekends and other foreseen events are not factored in. It would be quite impossible to program a computer to skip all the strange events us humans observe. If you sign up on 3/20/2006, your trial would end on 3/30/2006.

    Cancellation requests may NOT be done via e-mail and only via phone. Please call 877 GO LONG1 or 828 333 4072 This is due to the fact that the over-wealming amounts of spam on the Internet cause e-mail to be unreliable. We want to make sure there are no miscommunications. Voice mail and fax is also acceptable.

    If you signed up with PayPal, you will need to login to PayPal.com and cancel you reoccuring subscription as well. We do NOT handle PayPal cancellations. Log on to www.paypal.com and select the transaction. At the bottom of it there will be a little button that says 'cancel subscription'. We only control the sign ups from our OWN billing ( www.puretick.com/start.html )

    You will RECEIVE AN EMAIL confirmation with cancellation NUMBER when we process your cancel request. It is your responsibility to call back if you do not! This confirmation will be required should there ever be a billing question or dispute. We will also accept a copy of your phone bill showing that you called in to cancel.
    If for some reason you can not reach us by phone or via the normal channels please send a FAX letter with signature to 828-348-4239 This way, should there ever be a question as to when you canceled you can use the date of that letter as proof you did indeed cancel.

    Expired trial memberships automatically rebill upon expiration at the normal rate, unless a special referral code is entered. Ie: You sign up for the trial on Dec 5th: You'll be charged the trial rate and then on the 15th of the month billed $299.
    You will be CHARGED for the service weather you use it or NOT. As to say if you are not in the trading room but your account is ACTIVE and you have not called to cancel, you will be billed as usual. Ex: You have basketball season passes and miss a few games. You can not request a refund for the season passes. Please! It is imperative that you cancel your account if you wish to discontinue membership.

    You agree that you have no right to dispute charges from PureTick if you forget to cancel before your rebill date. You can reach us day or night if you wish to speak with us regrading billing.

    All subscriptions are automatically renewed at the normal rate (unless you entered a discount referral code) when your trial period is up unless canceled. Subscriptions reoccur on a month to month basis. All subscription fees are non-refundable once they have been billed to your card. This includes the montly fee and trial membership. Subscriptions are active/valid as soon as you submit your application.

    All of our policies, rules, terms and notices fall under the EST time frame, GMT-5. Ex: If you call to cancel your account at March 4th 11PM PST, it will be March 5th on the east coast and our server may have already billed your account.

    Cancellation requests are to be via our cancellations page and are not official until the member receives a confirmation from PureTick. You MUST give the correct user name and password for your cancellation to be effective; this is obviously to prevent malicious cancellations. Failure to give the correct user name and password combination will result in your cancellation NOT being processed.

    If you wish to cancel, please let us know at least three (3) days in advance of your trial expiring, or rebilling period date."
  6. You left out your 10 other aliases allenhobbs (aka rolextrader, et al).

    Including them there are at least 10+ and counting. :p :D
  7. So tell us, how are things in the PukeTick room going for you?

    Is the Heiken Ashi really the Holy Grail as Alex purports?
  8. How many aliases do you have JJ? Do these look familiar?


    You have about 10,000 posts with these three aliases.
  9. And how many do you have, Monkey Boy? (with a fraggin' name like that, no doubt, quite a few).

    P.S. Try to stay on-topic, toolshed.
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