Puretick cares about traders ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by vrocchio, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. vrocchio


    Do they really care about their member traders or do they just care about room member counts and the owners private plane ? I personally don't know.
  2. jestellon


    Puretick is not as pure as they want you to think. I took a trial and almost immediately had suspicions about how vague their entry and exit calls were, particulary their entry calls.

    When entering a room, I try to be as objective as I can, but could not ignore several consistent facts that I noticed when in the room. Every entry call that was made was so vague. The call either was made before it was known to the general room members, and or, a call was made so quickly that to have even a chance to see it in Ninja's Dome (Ninja's order entry price ladder) you would think that you needed an AutoTrader system to enter @ market in order to have gotten into some of there calls. There was never a clean anticipated entry. And on more than one occasion I noticed losing trades that were never mentioned and never declared, more or less forgotten. As a matter of fact, no one in the room ever called a stop loss on any of the losers, the "winners" seemed to have got all the publicity. But the most amazing thing was that almost all of the trades were already entered before the call was made, as though they allow the trade to become a winner first before a Long of Short was declared. It seems that the same few traders would respond for the whole trial period whenever they demostrated consesus within the room despite the fact that there were a supposed couple of hundred idle bodies in the room.

    Another thing that I didn't like was that the head guy kept condemning people and negatively bashing people who thought there system to be faulty. I agree, that he does have some harsh critics out there but his reaction was a complete turn off to me, and even if I thought didn't think he was a ripoff I wouldn't want to learn from a person who seemed so petty.

    Again, I'm just saying that this was my observation and can not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt of what really goes no there but my judgement tells me to stay away from Puretick.