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  1. I have dropped by various forums over the years, like many of us, looking for the holy grail. I finally learned that what a friend told me so many years ago was true but I wasn't ready to hear at the time....keep it simple.

    I day trade full time for a living & I will try to post some of my trades as "real time" as I can....if that is even possible. I don't know if I will be able to make elaborate comments but I will do my best in an effort to give back to the trading community. I'm also not sure if there will be an interest or if anyone will care in which case this will act more like a public journal for me.

    I will only be selective with any trade posts due to the nature of timing. My first priority has to be trade management & some trades come up very quickly while others take a while to setup. I get my ass kicked like any other trader & I will post what I can regardless of the outcome.

    I trade pure Price Action & volume when it is available. I mostly trade the ES and the Currencies but I guess it doesn't really matter as long as there is movement. A big part of my success is knowing when not to trade.....sometimes those are my best trades.
  2. looking for a L 86.25 ES ...No Fill & cxl...not a great time to trade. just back from vacation & didn't start trading till 11AM EST. usually don't trade too much around this time so was very cautious. took 1 trade around 11:47 est in euro currency (6e) entry @ 1.2264 w/6 tick stop. The trade did eventually work but I bailed out with a few ticks profit. Poor TOD & will see if there is anything to trade in the PM session. NFP this week as well
  3. Looking for a long 83.5 area but it will depend on vol
  4. Missed my entry by 3-4 ticks & didn't pay up....oh well
  5. S 91
  6. terrible entry....wasn't paying close attn....entry should have been 92 area. did not add on even tho i had vol divergence. Out at BE
  7. S 91.75 on the retest...1st tgt 90.75
  8. +1 pt on 1/2 position and stop is @ 92.75....nxt tgt is 88.75
  9. taking some more profit at 89.5 due to mkt structure
  10. closed position 88
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