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  1. (posted by request for clairfication)

    Here is a picture of todays buy and sell signals so far on a 3minute scalp chart of the Dow E-Mini YM. These are the trades the PureTick.com room has taken today thus far. The blue + is a long signal and the red + is a short signal. This is using the 'trigger' rules that are posted on the site. This is a snap from eSignal but most of the users use Trade Station...

    As you can see the short only got about 17 points profit while the long got about double. The 'filters' we use were long however so we take the long with double the contracts we take the short with because the long had a higher chance of working. I probably wont do anymore trades until after dz. We are still in the 15 minute range which is the shaded area.

    Enjoy your Monday.

    Remember FOMC is Wednesday and the market will be choppy until then.


    P.S. Also to appease a lot of requests by the ET guys, I'm live recording the session so we can produce a VIDEO lesson with actual market movement.
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    The one thing I don't understand is why Puretick needs to solicit new members. The really successful services don't need to advertise, the word of mouth from successful members fill any vacancies. Only the services that can't sustain profitable members have to keep blowing their own horn. As a wise man once said "Self praise is no praise"!!!!
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    Going to use those connections you made on the set of "Rocky" to hire the best film editor $29.00 can buy?
  4. Is this a serious question beyondMP?

    Have you ever run an Internet or retail business? Advertising is the 2nd most important aspect to service. I had the best computer store in VB (its still there). We got tons of business via word of mouth but I STILL paid the Verizon Yellow Pages $800 a month for our display ad. I still advertised on the web. Isn't having the most successful thriving business the goal? I love Outback steakhouse (yea its not too high class) but I see their ads on TV all the time. I don't get mad at them. I think great, maybe I'll go this Saturday. While I keep track of the word of mouth sign ups, Alex pushes me to excel and we probably have double the accounts due to advertising then if we did none at all.

    Please give me an example of these successful trading rooms that don't advertise. I've seen ads for most every one (DTT, TTM, heck even Traders audio was on CNBC last week and there's no scam there. Solid service. Awesome guy!)

    Imagine the next McDonalds board meeting. "Guys we have enough business, we've decided to stop advertising." lol

    The guy who owns a 2007 fully paid off Kia Spectra doesn't think "thats good enough". They want to move up to the BMW.

    So if we can do that, help new guys learn and make some money in the trading account as well then I have no qualms at all.

    Cajun / Geoff

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    There is a huge difference between a business selling a product and a trading service. The fact that you don't see the difference should raise the flag higher for the unsuspecting. If you have never been a member of a truly successful trading enviroment you will have a difficult time understanding my point. Obviously you don't so you have never been.
  6. No there is not. A successful business is a successful business. If someone is running a free room (like we used to) with volunteers then I'd agree.

    I won't waste more of my lunch time getting in a debate about how successful businesses don't advertise. haha ever seen an ad for Coke or Geico ( a service! ).. Post your list of big commercial trading rooms that don't advertise (70 members or higher). Just for the fun of it I'll show you their ads.

    Caj :)

  7. Truth is, people are stupid enough to get sucked in. Its trading darwinism.
  8. Read onward:

    Alex' significant otheractually spent three years in prison for medicare fraud and illegal dispensing of prescription drugs.

    You really want to give him your money to teach you to trade?

    I'm just saying- Birds of a feather flock together. In such a touchy subject as trading education, where there are so many scammers, etc I would definitely shy away from someone whose significant other has done hard time for fraud.

    Caveat Emptor:


    Go ahead, look up the address 803 Foxmeadow Circle, Royersford, PA 19468 and see who the owners are.

    A quick preview for the impatient:

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    You're an idiot.

    The distinction between McDonalds and a trading firm is McDonalds *needs* customers to make money, a successful trading firm *doesn't need* customers to make money.

    Example: Steve Cohen will make a shit-ton of money regardless of how many customers he has.

    Example 2: The fact the Steven Cohen makes a shit-ton of money means people will want to give him money, therefor he doesn't need to advertise.
  10. Why badger this guy to death ? Leave him and his site alone.

    If people want to join his trading service, then by all means let them.
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