Pure Tick Rate Increase!

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  1. (to you ET guys I'm posting this here because I know how distraught and cynical you can be from time to time).


    Top of the morning to you,

    We've seen a lot of traders jumping in front of a freight train
    lately. We're talking about bottom and top pickers! In todays video
    Alex discusses the problem with trying to pick TOPS and BOTTOMS
    in the market, the triggers and things you can do to increase your
    odds if you must do so.

    VIDEO LINK: http://puretick.com/video/bottomy

    ***NOTE**** As room membership INCREASES past 100 USERS we find
    it necessary to charge $29 for the 10 day trial (About $3 per day).
    This will increase the QUALITY of users who are participating in
    the room and provide a better experience for all connected.
    Lets be honest, if someone isn't willing to spend $29 towards their
    education then they probably won't make it as a professional trader.

    Some of these $10 trial guys just want to gamble and thats not what trading is about.
    The $10 trial price will be honored however for everyone who signs up by Sunday night at 11:59PM EST 4/29

    Please visit the above link and login with your assigned
    user name/password to obtain the current lock room code.


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