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  1. Does or has anyone learned trading from Mr. Robert Lahodny? Through Mr. Lahodny's free trial, I was very impressed by his knowledge of the markets and the way Mr. Lahodny trades. This is probably one deal that I am really interested in getting into...mentorship program rather than buying training videos (i.e. Turtle Trader, Haggerty, Miller, etc.).

    However, before putting money down, I just wanted to get some other feedbacks. Any info/comments would be appreciated.
  2. just trying to keep this post alive. :) :D
  3. Anyone??:confused:
  4. I ain't heard of him... (and I have heard of most vendors, so maybe that says somethin' :) )
  5. The only thing I found on Google about him was a quote that says: "I suggest readers devour market work by Larry Williams and Joe Ross. These guys are very long on market experiences and insights. I believe everyone can find useable material in their works."

    I have read a lot of negativity on this board and elsewhere about at least one of the mentioned authors.

    Here is the page I found it on: http://www.webtrading.com/issue28.htm

    He's likely another guy looking to make a buck selling strategies to newbies. But who knows. In any case, if you are new to trading, sometimes it doesn't pay to spend thousands on someone's training when compared to buying a few top books and using the thousands to gain actual experience.

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  6. I appreciate the comments. I've been reading many books, but I believe having a mentor giving direction and forming your own plan thereafter would be beneficial for a new trader like myself.
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    I don't know this man, but before I would pay anyone to mentor me, I would insist on seeing proof of his profitability - preferably tax returns. I would be skeptical of anyone who claims to be a great trader but earns his money doing something else.

    I have also noticed that it seems to be surprisingly difficult for a new trader to trade like a veteran trader - even if the veteran trader is trying to teach the new guy. Good luck.
  8. size, how about you plunk down the cash and tell us how it went? sounds good?
  9. As long as his strategies are good and reasonably priced there is nothing wrong with that.

    I once spent $2,500 on something that I thought I would benefit from. It was not worth it, but buying a good reliable mechanical trading system for say $1,500 that could make you say $7,500 per ES contract per year would make sense to me. After all, Don Miller's stuff sells for $800 and it has not even been backtested. Plus, it is you who still needs to do the whole work and not the system.
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    Yeah but selling a good reliable trading system making $7,500 per ES contract for $1,500 is completely idiotic. Unless of course it is not as reliable as $1,500 in one's bank account. :)
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