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    Relation of agent and principal,conflict of interes in case if
    both party involved in equal business , was defined in Romian
    Law .

    Belov is list of pure agents /check exchange -" Is broker
    pure agent ?Is broker member of exchange ? Did broker
    trade for proprietray account ? "

    Ameritrade -stock,options on stock
    Optionsxpress- stock,options on stock ,future for 25k$ account
    Thinkorswim -stock,options on stock ,en,es,ert
    MBTrading -stock,options on stock ,CME,CBOT e-mini and
    currency fx ,ed . Pure agent for spot fx(!)
    Openecry -pure agent for future and options on future
    not clear about currency fx .

    Author would very pleased for critical opinion and iinformation
    about pure agents in another countries (U.K.,France ,Hong-
    Kong,Japan,Australia ,Swiss &/

    Definition is -Company and she's affiliate not involved
    in trading direct and indirect against client's interess .
    Order payement flow is another question.As example by OX
    can be selected free.

    Author is Germany resident and not informed about existence pure agent on Germany Market .

    Your respectfully milstar