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  1. I'm purchasing TS 2000i, and am a bit worried about TS support for the product. I'm obviously buying it used from a private source.

    I understand I can't get technical assistance from TS, but I expect I can find that here, gg.

    Does everyone expect TS to continue supporting and providing data for the product?

    Any input appreciated.

  2. Why don't you just buy Wealth Lab 3 when it comes out in a month. It will be 500% better than 2000i which is a tempremental piece of software.

    At least with Wealth Lab if you have a question you can email the developer of the software for assistance and get a response within a day.

    If you buy 2000i second hand you will not get any support from the developer.

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    they are not supporting TS2ki in the United States anymore.

    A good place to start is the Omega E-Mailing List... the best source on the Internet for Tradestation 2000i related issues including system developement.

    Here is a link to how to subscribe to the List:
    (it's in a word format)

    or direct to omega-list-request@eskimo.com

    Besides that try to look for the ELReference Guide.


    Omega Research System Trading and Development Club

    you can find both @ www.traders2traders.com (go to the directory "Tradestation")

    hope that helps.

    By the way the book from Arthur Putt "Using Easy Language 2000" is good for the first stages of EL programming.
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    for all intensive purposes they dont support it any more.

    however you are right that you can find out all you need to know here or elsewhere.

    I actually use both TS2000i and WL in my intraday system building.

    - WL for it's excellent portfolio analysis and other unique features.

    - TS because (and I might get disagreements here !) I find it to be way faster on analysis, it is more stable when it comes to large intraday files and the language is a heck of a lot easier/quicker to program.
    (anybody else hate that time consuming ":=" milarky in WL?)