Purchasing/Installing triple screen setup in NYC!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Crude Man, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. You'll pay DOUBLE what you should (or could) for a "ready-to-trade" setup.

    Once you decide upon the hardware, the "setup" is very easy.
  2. ashantt


    Thanks. So I'm better off finding the hardware and setting up myself?
  3. Price-wise, sure.

    You can get a good, fast, i7-950 rig with proper motherboard for about $1100.. then 3 monitors for $150-$500 each, depending upon what you want.
  4. ashantt:

    Why settled with 3? Go for 6!! LOL :D

    This classified has a 6-monitor stand:


    I just bought 3 24-inch Viewsonic VA2431wm LCD monitors. $159.99 each plus tax from Fry's. These things have come down quite a bit on prices. For $200 or so can get you a 24-inch LED monitor.
  5. for $4-5k that you quoted you can get an amazing desktop, tripple monitors on a nice stand and have a decent chunk of change to spend at a fancy valentine's night dinner in NYC.