Purchasing books at www.invest-store.com

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by TMTrader, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Did any of you purchase books or any material at www.invest-store.com? Where there any problems? How did you like it?

    TM Trader
  2. opm8


    Www.invest-store.com is a front-end to traderslibrary.com. Here's what I use to search the site: invest-store.com/cgi-bin/traderslibrary-bin/searchproc.cgi. But it's weird because just yesterday a book I was looking at invest-store was cheaper than at traderslibrary. Anyway, I've never purchased from them before but what are you worried about? If the sale goes sour you just reverse charges with your credit card company.

    For the record, I have bought many trading books from various (ie, not the big names) websites and have never had a problem (other than shipping taking longer than I like).

  3. nkhoi


    buy from them all the time, no problemo