Punishment for Adultery in USA

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  1. Let's see now:

    - Your 20-50k in legal bills at Stein, Stein and O'Steinberg law firm
    - 30-50% of your paycheck deducted at the source for alimony
    - Allowed 1 weekend per month child visitiation rights.
    - Move out of house, forced to live elsewhere.

    A regular economic stoning, wouldn't you say...
  2. Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. How would you know, Canada boy?
  4. American boy, I don't know I'm just throwing it out there based upon what I've heard. Maybe someone can confirm these numbers?

    When Bob Dlyan wrote: "They'll stone you when you're young and able; they'll stone you just like they said they would"

    I think he was talking about our elite rulers (The King and his men) squashing us. They use the Rule of Law for this.

    they profit from our misery, the best things are: war, divorce, sickness, debt. The rich never fight the wars....

    Tower of London was replaced by the Tower of Debt...

  5. There are 2 solutions to avoid this economic stoning...

    1. Keep your dick in your pants.

    2. Dont get married if you cant keep it in your pants.

    A marriage vow is supposed to be the one biggest promise of your life to another human being. If you break the biggest promise of your life, should you really get away without punishment?
  6. laws are bent towards the ladies... thats why its wise to not marry :D
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    Too bad you didn't think of this BEFORE you posted.
  8. That much is clear.
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    If you choose to enter into the partnership without a a partnership agreement the state imposes its rules for dissolution.

    Why is that so hard for people to deal with. Why is that unfair.
    Why is it so hard for men to ask for prenups if they care about the money.
  10. Maybe men shouldnt be bending over other ladies that arent their wives then and the laws might look a little more fair, ya think? :)
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