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  1. "pumping iron" is on tv right now.

    this thread is here for REAL MEN to discuss lifting, diet, exercise, etc. no ATKINS BABIES allowed. go to the "Trading while trying to lose weight on Atkins" thread if you want to post bs. :)


  2. Yeah, so how come Arnold says that "pumping iron is better than cumming'? I happen to have tried both, and I strongly disagree.
  3. i don't think he said, "better."

    it may not be THAT good, but there is definitely nothing like bringing your muscles to their limit. if you truly get them to their limit, you will walk out of the gym feeling like THE MAN! i'm talking about busting your muscles so bad you come home and can barely hold a big cup of water in your hand.


  4. REAL MEN don't shave their bodies, primp in front of the mirror each day, use self tanning lotions and obsess about their physiques 24/7.

    These sissy boys are as physique-conscious as homos and most of them are pseudo-men with huge inferiority complexes to match their drug-enhanced muscles. Why do you think that the average height of most of these pro bodybuilders is about 5'5"?

    REAL MEN compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championships and other combative, competitive sports or martial arts. Muscles are a byproduct of their lifestyles and not their primary goal. They lift weights so they could achieve functional strength and power. Look at Bruce Lee! He was skinny but he could kick the shit out of any bodybuilder!

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  5. ElCubano


    Real men...............hahahahahaha...being able to knock another human into oblivion does not a man make you my friend.......Muscles, the size of your wallet or how quickly you can beat the shit out of someone doesnt make the man.......
  6. foolish comments. what's wrong with being physique-conscious? to want to look good does NOT make you gay. how stupid is that? what is wrong with wanting to look your best? go ahead and look like shit because you think you're too "manly." i'll be getting the girls.

    as for UFC, apples and oranges. for me, lifting is about looking the best i can, not about beating people up. UFC is about fighting, obviously.

  7. There's nothing wrong about wanting to look good! Heck, I look great, I can bench press 225 lbs. for 10 reps, have 9% body fat and can run a mile in under 6 minutes. Getting girls was never a problem for me! But wanting to look good is not the definition of a "REAL MAN."

    A "REAL MAN" has a hunter/warrior mentality, whether it be in business, trading, competitive sports or martial arts. He is a doer and a man of action. He is well-rounded and strives to achieve his fullest potential. Lifting weights to get a pump doesn't qualify!

    P.S. The name Rock Solid is already taken by a gay porn star! :D
  8. Yeah, those "personal trainer" type of guys definitely look gay. I wouldn't want to walk around like a fuckin penguin. It's nice to have some mass and cuts, but those really bulked up guys cannot play any sports at all. Their upper bodies get so stiff its gross watching them shoot hoops or trying to catch a football.
  9. you don't have to become gigantic, wear skimpy underwear, or put oil on your body to be a weight lifter. each person should go after what they think is best for them. i'm not "arnold huge," but...

    ...I AM ROCK SOLID!!!!!
  10. There's NOTHING hotter than a babe who has big muscles and is really cut.
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