pumpanddumper--GREAT CALL !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. pumpandumper has contacts all over the world and they all told him to sell the opening strength. I'm tellin ya,this guy pumpanddumper is on to something.
    i wonder if my man pump gives any money to charity?
  2. by the way,i need a "happy ending massage,can you recommend a reputable but sleazy joint?
  3. Hey, I took a licking the other day but today more than made up for it...

    Getting bullish at the open though if DOW is down more than 100 at open.

    Bear protection team carried over their shorts overnight and will cover at the open.

    Charity...lol. Who am I Cramer? LOL...Charity owes me still from last year.:)
  4. pump,
    i have a million dollar idea and i need your advice. i was thinking of following a cnbc security guard home and then stealing his uniform so i can sneak into Cramer's studio,spike his coffee with powerful drugs and then make him pump a few stocks on his show so you and i can dump them after hours at inflated prices to unsuspecting longs.


    No one takes the bait on Cramer anymore.

    Btw, I am long right now.....I'm taking he DOW green and dumping on the spike chasers.

    Bear protection team is locking in profits.
  6. why dont you two exchange phone numbers? That way NY Hood has a way to profess his love for P&D without making the rest of us ill.
  7. I got some breathing room while the DOW is green......Gonna milk into these FOMC minutes.

    Maybe the but high, sell higher crowd will take the bait. Nice 180.
  8. Seriously, what's up with those two?

    Stop teasing each other....Get a room and get it over with.
  9. wake37


    these two are the same guy.
  10. Queer eye for the pump and dump guy :D

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